Over the last 15 years, Graham has established himself as one of the leading makers of high-end TV documentaries in the USA. He is Emmy-nominated and has made films for PBS, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

With a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Cambridge, he started his career working as an anthropologist on ethnographic films for the BBC; films like “The Shaman and his Apprentice” based on his own fieldwork with a tribe of the Peruvian Amazon and “From the Heart of the World”, a film about the Kogi Indians of the Sierra Nevada of Colombia.

He has gone on to produce, write and direct over 20 documentaries, films such as “Becoming Human”, a 3-part series on human evolution for NOVA at PBS, “Dawn of the Maya” for National Geographic TV, “The Great Inca Rebellion”, “King Solomon’s Mines”, “Magic Mountain”, “Maya Apocalypse” and many more.

Internationally, his films have been shown on BBC, Channel 4, ARTE and ZDF. He has also made films in Spanish for Discovery Latin America.

In 2013 he directed “Landfillharmonic”, a feature length documentary about the children of the recycled orchestra of Paraguay.

He is currently (2015) making “Naturalist”, a two-hour special for PBS about the life and work of Harvard Biologist EO Wilson and “Dawn of Humanity”, a documentary about Human Origins for PBS and National Geographic TV.

Graham also writes screenplays. He speaks five languages.

In a career spanning over 25 years in the broadcast television industry, Bill has amassed incomparable experience in successfully managing complex, multi-million dollar productions all over the world. Programs on which he has worked as producer or executive producer have appeared on virtually all US cablecasters, NBC and PBS. Overseas, the client list includes BBC 1 & 2, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, Discovery and National Geographic in the UK, as well as broadcasters and cablecasters in over 100 other territories worldwide.

He has won both Prime Time and News and Documentary Emmys, and is also an International Emmy nominee. He worked on staff at National Geographic and Time-Life before co-founding his own production company JWM Productions, LLC, in 1997.

Bill's primary professional expertise covers oversight for all financial, legal, technical, and risk management elements of large scale productions in the USA and overseas.

Monica is a bilingual producer and production manager with over a decade of experience in documentary films. She has collaborated with award winning filmmakers at National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS and the Smithsonian Channel. As a field producer, she has successfully managed large-scale shoots and crews all over Latin America. As a Production Manager Monica has overseen productions in Africa, Latin America and Europe.

Cosima joined Shining Red as a production coordinator and researcher and works across all the company’s productions. She has worked as an assistant director, programmer and journalist at various film festivals throughout the world, including Edinburgh, Toronto, Seattle, Telluride and Berlin. She received a BA in Cultural Studies from McGill University and a MSc in Film Curation and Exhibition from the University of Edinburgh. She is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish.